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🔥Bait Liquid Attractant

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Food attractants have the functions of high efficiency in attracting food, promoting growth, improving disease resistance and high resistance to aquatic animals.
The effect of temperature resistance and hypoxia resistance is safe, non-toxic and no residue. Contains extremely sensitive fish sulfonium molecules that stimulate the
Smell and taste, induce appetite, increase food intake.

You just lost a fish attractant improve the activity of fish and promote the hunger of fish
promote the rapid diffusion of bait taste in the water and quickly lure fish main ingredients adding nano micro factors can quickly penetrate into water molecules.

This product contains a variety of fish inducing factors, and contains fish chalmon molecules, combined with amino acids, vitamins and traditional chinese medicine, it is especially effective in penetration,

palatability and long-term retrention. when added to the bait, it can stimulate the central nervous system of fish, produce strong appetite and improve the fishing effect.


Natural fishing bait: fish pheromones stimulate fish genetically and trigger predatory instincts. A highly concentrated fish attractant from live bait, which can attract fish more efficiently.
Can be used for: reservoir/lake/river/black pit, no more than ten sprays per 100g bait/bed material to avoid dead nests, and the nest material can be diluted with water after mixing.


30 ml capacity: all 100 grams of bait are sprayed into the open bait 3-5 times, and the nest material can be halved when spraying to achieve the ideal fishing effects.
Easy to use: no complicated preparation process is required, prepare food, bait and water, mix and stir well, wake up the bait for 3-5 minutes and knead it into balls.

Fishing accessories: it can be used by experienced anglers or beginners for a pleasant fishing experience. Suitable for all types of fish including freshwater and marine fish.

Name: Fishing Attractants Lure Spray
Capacity: 30ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Area of use: Reservoir/Lake/River/Black Hole
Suitable for all kinds of fish species: crucian carp / carp / grass / silver carp / green / bream / tilapia / bighead carp and other freshwater fish / marine fish / crustaceans


1. Add it more on cold weather, add less on hot weather, add more in water with more organic matter, and less in water with less organic matter, and adjust according to the actual situation.
2. No more than ten sprays per 100g of bait/nest material to avoid a dead nest.

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