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The Hugging Feline Ring is perfect for those looking to make a unique, eye-catching statement. This charming piece of jewelry is made with precision and care. The simple, elegant design features a delightful cat motif, making it the ideal accessories for pet lovers or anyone who wants to make an elegant fashion statement. With its easy-to-wear design and delicate detailing, the rings provides style and subtlety without sacrificing durability or comfort.



  • All materials are ethically sourced.
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes.
  • The total diameter of the cat ring is 2.06cm or about 0.81in.
  • The cat width is 1.7cm or about 0.67in while the total height is 2.8cm or about 1.1in.
  • Featured in a stunning silver.



Q: What is the ring made out of?
A:  The Hugging Feline Ring is made from high quality alloy.

Q: Can this be worn at all times?
A: Yes! You'll need to take proper precautions. To make your jewelry last longer, we suggest the following:
- Wash your hands before and after wearing because the oils on your body can tarnish the jewelry.
- Don't store your jewelry on top of each other or in a pile to prevent unnecessary friction.
- Avoid perfumes and lotion in the area of the jewelry.
- Take it off before any exposure to water.

Package Includes: 1*ring/1*ring+1*gift box

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