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Plush Faux Fur Hand Warmer Winter Hot Water Bottles

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Material: plush material + thick PVC liner
Size: 26*17.5cm

1.Physical conduction uniform heat dissipation, long-lasting heat preservation, thick PVC liner, durable.
2.Detachable and washable cloth cover, it won't fade or ball after washing
3.Warm the bed and warm the quilt for 8-12 hours
4.The inner tank is flexible and safer. It adopts a thoughtful spout design and a large 2.5cm water injection port, which is convenient and quick to fill.
5.Large threaded bottle stopper, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and leak-proof
6.Anti-slip texture, diagonal stripe road design, anti-slip and anti-scald

Package including:
1*plush coat
1*PVC liner

Material: Rubber Flannel
Capacity: 1000ml
Color: pink gray (Due to the different monitors, there will be some color differences.)

1.Perfect Heat Level & Keep Warm for Long-The basic function of a hot water bottle is to keep warm. The hot water bottles are ideal for cozy evenings, especially on cold winter days, the hot water bottle ensures well-being and comfort. You need to fill up your hot water bottle and put it in the bed 5 minutes before you go to bed so it's warm and cozy.
2.Great for Soothing Pain Relief-Our hot water bottle holds up to two quarts of hot water or cooling water for sore, aching muscles, stress, migraines, arthritis pain and menstrual cramps, enjoy soothing relief. The hot water bottle helps ease pain and creates a relaxing atmosphere and it is suitable for any scene. Great Gift for any occasion: Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's day, Birthday, etc.
3.Premium Durable & Safe To Use-The hot water bottle made from an advanced thermoplastic rubber material and high-quality soft fleece materials for the extra comforting feeling you will love. And is completely harmless in contact with your skin. The hot water bottle free from harmful substances with an advanced thermoplastic rubber material that is odorless and recyclable, a screw cap great help to prevent leakage from bottle. Safe and easy to fill and use.
4.Anti-leak Design-The hoe water bottle is made from an advanced thermoplastic rubber material, a screw cap great help to prevent leakage from bottle. A wide mouth with a plastic stopper for easy fill, so that it is you can fill the hot water bottle more easily. Reduce the risk of burns by hot water. Make sure maximum safety and transfer the heat well. There have no risking of leakage and explosion after testing.
5.Large Capacity & Soft Protective Cover-The hot water bottle adopt high-quality soft fleece materials helps to insulate the hot water, you are well protected from excessive heat. The hot water bottle with soft protective cover makes it easier for you to wash and protect the hot water bottle from dirty. And the hot water bottle has a capacity of 1.8 liters means that the hot water bottle can give off heat for a very long time, you can use them at home, in the dorm, and during travel.

Package Including:
Rubber hot water bottle*1
Hot water bottle plush bag*1