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Ozone Refrigerator Deodorizer Sterilizer

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About this item

1.[The Most Efficient Fridge Deodorizer] - Compared to charcoal bags and baking soda, this new refrigerator deodorizer is optimized for deodorizing effect and deodorizing speed. This deodorizer continuously emits deodorizing gases to eliminate odors from every corner of the entire space. In addition, this deodorizer can eliminate the very strong unpleasant smell of food such as leftovers or onion garlic in the shortest time by selecting the powerful deodorization mode.

2.[Keep The Freshness of Food] - this odor absorber adopts very scientific and healthy sterilization and fresh-keeping principle. The air fresheners thoroughly oxidize micromolecules such as bacteria in the air that easily cause food spoilage into harmless substances by discharging ozone molecules. So as to provide a clean and good storage environment for food to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables.

3.[Multifunctional Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor] - In addition to being used for refrigerator deodorization and food preservation, this odor eliminator can also be very effective in other confined spaces that are prone to odors, such as cars, shoes, cabinets, small bathrooms, diaper buckets, drawers, storage boxes, Cabinets, suitcases, pet room, gym bag, etc.

4.[Recyclable for Many Years] - The deodorizer is USB rechargeable, every single charge of about 2 hours can last for 45 days in daily mode, and 33 hours in power mode. the battery capacity of the deodorizer can support up to 400 recharge cycles, which can be used for many years, it is much more durable than charcoal bags odor absorber and baking soda for fridge and freezer. The odor absorber is a one-button operation, which is easy to use.

5.[Definitely Worth Buying] - Don't underestimate this little device, its practicality will surprise you and you will like it very much, it is definitely a must-have household tool worth buying, and it plays an important role in improving the quality of life.