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Eagle Spreading Wings Ornament Home Decorations

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Are you thinking about adding an extra detail to your office? Renew your environment with a totally exclusive decoration, the European Eagle promotes elegance and sophistication in any environment.

courage and strength
Beauty and grandeur, the eagle is the most powerful, representing power and courage is called the queen of heaven. In Greek mythology, the eagle is the symbol of Zeus, the most powerful of the gods.
It's the perfect piece of decoration, a detail that will make all the difference in your environment, the beauty of this eagle is charming!

Do you know why our customers love our store? Our makes a point of having partners who take the job of highlighting the details seriously! If it's to decorate and decorate it has to be done well! Our customers buy with quality, authenticity and all the happiness that filling in the details with what we like provides.

Style: artistic animals
Material: Resin
Size: 25x19cm
Package: 1 statue item